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Anonymous asked: Would you prefer a virgin?

does it make a difference?

Only preference i would prefer is a soul thats pure and sticks to their moral ethics of being a good human

virginity is a physical trait, not inner 

Anonymous asked: What's your take on demonology and where do you get your mushrooms from :P

My take on demonology is that its a real study, but its a very confused study where many who embrace its literature tend to be people who are “satanic” and who claim to be satan worshippers that are extremely confused with the overall symbology and meaning to their knowledge.

Its basically the opposite of Angelology which is what i personally study, but to understand the magic of angels one must understand the fallen ones too. Demonology is a branch of angelology that deals with satan and his angels. 

It’s symbolic to mans domination of the EGO. The light is where angels reside. Its all apart of the same coin just different sides. 

yet people literally RAPE the meaning to the real significance of what these studies offer and instead go off being like


Anonymous asked: hey whats symbol on the second picture of your art? the one inside the mandala, is like a spiral, i've been searching for its name but cant find it

They are called Unalomes :) The Unalome represents the crown of the Arahants (Enlightened Saints), the spiral stands for the crown at the center of the scalp, and the straight line pointing upwards, representing the straight path to enlightenment. Blessings<3

Anonymous asked: thats interesting haha you must of been on a good one. I've always wanted to try mushrooms but I feel like that experience would be way to gnarly for me.what you said made sense:)you always did seem kind of mysterious. How often do you meditate?

i meditate everyday i can :) meditation isn’t a state of mind that has certain rules to feel its enrichment. Meditation comes in many forms, i personally  sit with music on in a seated crossed legged position with my eyes closed and i let certain beautiful music take my mind away into deep depths. OR i do yoga and tai chi.

Mushrooms are nothing to be feared about. Society has a way of really raping the true meaning of these tools. 

their a complete blessing from mother nature. Everything must be taken in certain dosage to feel its benefits. Even to water we must know its limits or it’ll kills us. 

Nothing to fear :) set and setting is the key to having a good experience